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Friday, September 5, 2014

Egypt Kick-Off and Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors


*Egyptian Feast--round up some goat cheese, rough flat bread, dates, figs, plums, pomegranates, roast chicken, seeds, and nuts.  Eat with your hands while sitting on the ground, maybe from a low table.  Have a bowl or two of water nearby for dipping your fingers to clean them off as they get messy.  P.S.  It is hilarious to watch your kids try figs and dates!  My kids loved the goat cheese.

*Review Mesopotamia, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Begin the story of Jacob's precious son, Joseph.  Explain that Joseph was the first son of Jacob's beloved wife Rachel, for whom he worked for so many years.  Also, discuss the coat as a birthrightIt will help the kids understand why his brothers despise him. 
Read Genesis 37 together
Old Testament Picture Stories-Joseph
LDS Seminary Lessons on Joseph and his coat of many colors

Joseph's Coat of Many Colors to Decorate
     Coat of Many Colors Craft:
     Materials: Fabric Scraps, Fabric Mod Podge, Card Stock, Foam Paintbrushes
     1. Using the link above from A Year of FHE: 2011, print out several copies of the plain coat. Have the kids cut out the coat, including the "inner" part to use as a template later.  
     2. On a separate sheet of card stock and using fabric Mod Podge, have the students glue strips of fabric.  Remind the students that a thin, even coat will allow the coat to dry quickly.
     3. Once the fabric is dry, have the students use a pencil and the coat template to trace the shape of the coat onto their fabric covered card stock.
     4. Cut out the coat.
     5. Trace the inner part of the coat onto a separate piece of fabric.  Cut it out and glue it onto the coat.

Or just let them glue fabric onto the card stock coat and trip the edges after.  This works fine but doesn't look quite as nice.

     For those who don't mind the visual, a little red food coloring and some tatters can give the coat an "after-the-pit" look.

*Compare Timelines.  Combine them on a long scroll of paper, on a whiteboard, or around the top of wall of your school room.
Mesopotamia TimelineEgypt TimelineOld Testament Chronology

*The Nitty Gritty:
Explore fun facts about Egypt through books checked out from the library or from online resources.  Imagine what it would have been like for Joseph to enter this strange land so far from his family's flocks.  Be sure to jot down the info from the timeline and from your readings that you'd like to include on the test.  This can be a fun way to draw attention to the info.  If Mom is writing it down, it's probably going on the test.  I better remember it!
Egypt Info for Kids
Egypt Lapbook
Egypt Activity Site
Egypt: Fill in the Blanks

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